It’s Candy Time!

We’ve almost made it through the holidays. Overall, I have to say mine was a pleasant one. We managed to somehow eliminate the majority of the stress normally involved and just enjoyed ourselves. Our kids had a great time.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pinwheels

I tried again to make some candy, possibly making it a holiday staple now. I tweaked the recipe from last year, cutting back on the heavy cream, using a different peanut butter, and adding dark chocolate. Not bad. And that’s not just me saying so. The fact that the double batch I made this year is going twice as fast, says it for me. It still needs some tweaking, though. I’ll have to make it several more times before I think I’ll be satisfied with it. Still, that won’t stop me from eating a big portion of every batch.

Coming into the new year, I hope to be posting more here. I know my wife and I are planning to buy a new home later in the year, and I’ll no doubt need a place to vent all that I’m going through. I also plan to do more with my writing. First and fore most… actually writing.

So here’s to the year behind and a raised glass to the year ahead. It is what we’ll make it. So let’s make it one worth telling the grandkids about.


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