More Oddities

Since my last post, I’ve been noticing more oddities in my life. I say “noticing” because I can’t honestly say they’ve never happened before. They might have flown under my radar. I can be blissfully unobservant when I want to be.

First thing.

Found a scorpion in my house. I guess that’s not highly unusual for my neighborhood, but in the last five or so years I’ve lived there, not one tiny venom crawler showed its ugly little claws. What makes this weird is its timing. Just two days before I finished the final draft on a short story that involved just such a creature. Had me considering to write a story about winning the lottery.

Thing two:

I got out of the house last week to do some writing at a coffee shop close to home. At the side door I was greeted by a whitish cat, noticeably pregnant. No big deal. For the next several hours that cat watched me through the glass door. It might have been unnerving if it stared at me with hatred in its eyes. It didn’t. Really, I was halfway tempted to let it in. It got kind of cold that night. Which is odd coming from me. I’m much more a dog person.

And finally.

Just yesterday I was enjoying a lazy day with my family at home when I started to hear birds. I mean lots and lots of birds. I guess you could say it sounded like an aviary, but I was put more in mind Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Here’s a short video I took capturing the moment:

Did you hear that? There were no open windows or doors. And, yes. That was my little girl noticing the birdies, too. Obviously she was more excited about it. She’s never seen an Alfred Hitchcock film.

All three happened in less than a week’s time. Are the oddities ramping up? I’ll let you know as they happen. Maybe we’ll notice a trend.


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