From This To That

I had a thought today. How a person’s path changes over the course of his or her lifetime. Sometimes it’s negligible. Like the nerdy kid in Chemistry that becomes a Chemist. Obvious, I know.

Then I think about people who throw you for a loop. Maybe that cool chic that always smoked behind the bleachers turned out to some high-stakes money broker-type person. Or, a class valedictorian becomes a high-priced assassin.

Here’s a real-world example: Bon Scott

An Aussie pop star, here singing backup for The Valentines in the late 60’s on a rather well-known cover:

Here he is again in February of 1980, just ten days before his death. This time he’s leading a wider known little band called AC/DC:

The styles are so totally different. What caused the flip? Was the voice in AC/DC more his style, or the bubblegum pop music? I know which I prefer, but I don’t think that really matters. What matters is the story.

When Point A and Point B doesn’t look like they should connect, I want to know why they do. That’s the heart of the story for me.


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