Infinite Update Loop

Just a quick update here.

For the last three months my laptop has been less than useful. I’ve had paper weights more functional. I had all but given up on it.

Just this week I’ve been able to upgrade the RAM. It’s working wonders. Harvey (my laptop) might not ever be the slick machine I bought over six years ago, but with this relatively cheap fix, he’s once again running.

Funny thing happens when you don’t use your computer for several months. Microsoft releases over a hundred updates. Seriously. The first time I powered up with the new hardware, I had 118 updates ready to be installed.

Now it’s two days later and I’m still getting updates. It seems like the most recent updates could only occur after the previous updates were installed. And don’t forget all the reboots in between. Here I am trying to get in my first real writing session in a long time, and I’m forced to reboot every fifteen minutes. It’s hard enough to hold a coherent thought long enough to type it out. Add in a Time Out every few minutes, and I’m ready to rip out my hair.

To end on something positive, I did get a free muffin and drink at my local Paradise Bakery. A no-cost writing trip is always a good one. It also looks like the updates are finally done. Not a single one during my little rant. Guess it’s time to get back to work.

Look for frequent updates from me as well. I have stuff and things to share.


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