Not Quite Out of the Woods

Talk about a crazy month. I have so much change going on in my life, I find myself enjoying work solely for the regularity of it. Most of the changes have been properly hurdled, with only a minimal glitch here or there. All the big projects at work were completed this past weekend, and my home buying experience is coming to an end.

But it’s not over. Not yet.

We have the keys. The house is ours, but before we move in, we wanted to do some of the repairs and paint. Made perfect sense, take care of these things while the house was empty. That way we didn’t have to move around our stuff. Fore most on the list:

Fix the master shower.

A blank slate for a new shower.
After many days of searching, the tile we selected.

With a gaping hole where the shower nozzle came out, the wall needed to be fixed. And if we were going to fix that, why not update the shower, too? So this is where most of our fix-it-up money has been invested. But will it be done in six days? Could be we’ll be sharing the kid’s bathroom for a short while.

The other big project to tackle is painting the interior. Every room needs new paint. Not that the current paint is old or faded. No. The previous owners just had a horrible eye for color. And a tip for loving parents: If your kid loves a particular football team, give them a poster or maybe a bed spread and pillow. Don’t paint the room in their team’s colors. The orange and blue of the Denver Broncos is a BITCH to paint over. I would’ve shared a before picture of it, but I was afraid the color would have overpowered my camera and shattered the lens. Not to mention annoyed all who viewed it.

You’re welcome.

I want nothing more than to relax at home with my family. Make our new home actually feel like a home, which can only happen once we live and love in it. Start a routine that doesn’t involve major life changes, not for a good while anyway. I want these, but I know I still have a week to go.

One more week of late nights and tedious work. Then one full day of moving. I imagine a normal routine feeling like a vacation. At least for a little while.


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