Yeast Common Denominator

So much has changed in just the last six months. Most for the good, and a few that left an ache in my heart. And just as 2012 is winding down, another curve ball has been thrown my way, this time leaving an ache in my belly.

baker's yeastAfter waiting for nearly four weeks for the results of a food allergy blood test, I’ve discovered that I’m allergic to baker’s yeast. At first I was so happy to get the news. Finally I could point my finger at the root cause for most of my ailments for the better part of this year. The relief was almost indescribable. Whether friends and family want to admit it, I wasn’t going crazy.

Then as elation ebbed, I set in to empty my food stores of any and all of the offending morsels. To be sure everything was caught, I scoured the interwebs for resources. Here are some things I learned:

1. Yeast allergies (not to be confused with yeast infections) are on the rare side as far as food allergies go. Gluten’s getting all the attention currently in the grocery stores.

2. No two websites have the same list of foods to avoid.

3. Yeast is in EVERYTHING!!! *At least in what was my daily diet.

Seriously. Very little of what I had in the house will I be able to eat anymore. With only a few exceptions, if it’s packaged or canned, it has yeast, a form of yeast, could form yeast, or feeds yeast. **This is very confusing. I’ll get into it in another post.

So unless someone else in my house eats it, I’m giving it away.

Over the next several weeks I plan to chronicle this forced lifestyle change. What better way to go through withdrawals, than to share it with others. I’m ready for plenty of frustration and heart/stomach ache, being as stubborn as I am and not a fan of change that I didn’t bring on myself. But ultimately, I think there’s a positive outcome to be had.

And if you have any tips you’d like to pass on, please do so. My doctor’s only help was equivalent to saying, “Google it.”


3 thoughts on “Yeast Common Denominator

  1. Hello SC Green!
    I’ve been scouring the net after learning recently from MRT testing that I have a strong sensitivity to Baker’s Yeast and came across your article :-). I was wondering what you’ve learned about this issue since writing this post? I’ve not found much in the way of helpful information yet regarding Baker’s Yeast and allergies/sensitivities to it. Does one have to eliminate ALL yeast? Or just this type? Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated!


    1. Hi Katherine,

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I’ve been camping for the last week and have been devoid of anything electronic. As to your question, here’s the short of it. I only need to avoid foods with yeast as an active ingredient. Basically it comes down to no bread or beer. I even avoid stuff that has word yeast in the ingredients list (i.e. yeast extract).

      In the next week I’ll do a better recap. Keep an eye out for it.

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