Dreams Filled with Gold

olympic_gold_medal_2012_mgnOlympic gold to be exact.

About a week ago I dreamed that I had won an Olympic gold medal. And this coveted token of mastery and skill was awarded to me for excelled talent in…


Not only that, but this was the second gold medal I’ve received in this event. That’s right, a two-time winner of the Olympic Writing Gold. Hot stuff indeed.

And what went through my head after receiving the second gold?

Now I finally have something decent to put in my query letters.

I tried to explain to a friend about the dream. Granted, I had to wait until her fit of laughter was through, but eventually they subsided with only the occasional hand-muffled giggle here and there. The dream had to have been sparked from something I heard on NPR about poetry, at one time, being an Olympic event. She couldn’t believe it. I must have dreamed that too.

Now to back up my claim, here is what I heard on NPR.

And to better support my claim, I found this at The New York Times.


2 thoughts on “Dreams Filled with Gold

  1. I heard that piece on NPR, too. However, I did not dream of winning an Olympic Gold afterward. That is pretty funny, but not too far off my waking delusions. Gotta dream big.

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