Discussing how I’ve embraced the crazy over in the Parking Lot.
Check it out.
Or not.
I’m not your mom.

The Parking Lot Confessional

So I was channeling my main character last night.


Let’s reflect on that first line.

channeling my main character…

Not only was there channeling involved, but it also implied that I’ve done it on more than just this one occasion. Now for a minute let’s set aside why I was doing it and focus on the fact that I was doing it. There are few career paths one can take in which that sentence would make total sense. Writer, actor, and psychic (human or pet) come to mind. Each of which contain its own level of crazy, some more accepted than others.

Up until recently I’ve been rather embarrassed of that crazy nature. I wasn’t afraid to tell anyone that I liked to write or that I had ambitions of publication. My embarrassment manifested in hiding the times that I was either writing or researching for a particular story.

If I was…

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