Life After Yeast

baker's yeastIt’s been a while since I last posted about my newly found food allergy. I thought it might be time for a little follow-up. So let’s get up to speed.

When I first found out I was allergic to yeast, I went total extremist. If contained yeast, made from yeast, or turned into yeast when fermented, I cut it out. To my wife’s credit, she didn’t walk out on me during that time. To put it plainly, my limited menu I allowed myself to eat from, made grocery shopping and eating out a big pain in the ass. Here were my options: fresh meat, fresh veggies (minus mushrooms and olives (although I can’t honestly remember if olives were officially on a no-eat list or if I subconsciously put them on there because olives are natures little turds. Yuck.)), and fresh fruit (minus berries and all skins).

To look at the time positively, I’ve never eaten healthier. Seriously though, pain. In. The. Ass. Not to mention it was more expensive to eat like that. America loves its people fat and diabetic. ‘Murica!

Then I stopped listening the brand of crazy that only the internet can provide and went to see an allergist. Trusting ole me let them scratch the hell out of my back (and not in a fun way) so they can tell me that I’m pretty much allergic to almost everything that grows. So nature. I’m allergic to nature.

They did confirm the blood test result of a yeast allergy, too. Fortunately they let me leave with some good news. She said I only needed to avoid foods with yeast as an active ingredient. So I reintroduced lots of food back into my diet. So I’m down to mainly avoiding breads and beer (I know, I have the hardest time with this one. Thankfully wine is back on the list).

I still need to read the ingredients on any packaged item I buy, but really everyone should be doing that anyway. It might scare you out of eating that crap food you can’t seem to keep your tongue off of. It also made me rethink if it might not have been such a bad idea to let Twinkie factory just die out.

Lately I’ve been testing my tolerance. Beer still hasn’t been tested, but brats soaked in beer. So far no reaction. See with me, eating yeast won’t kill me. I’m not at risk for anaphylactic shock. It’s all going to depend on the level of discomfort I feel and whether or not the offending food or beverage is worth it.

Really it’s a matter of figuring out new core meals. You know, the ten or so things you eat most frequently. The go-to goodies. Once I figured those out, life pretty much went back to normal. And, I eat better without having to make a conscious effort at it.

See. Life went on. So I plan to enjoy it.


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