Things I Learned This Weekend

This Labor Day weekend I did the bare minimum in anything that could be considered productive. I vegged. I watched tv. I hung out with friends. But instead of calling it a lazy weekend, I like to think of it as my Internal Recharge.

Oooh. That sounds like a marketing campaign. Dive into your own Internal Recharge with <<insert product>> while supplies last. Just transfer all moneys to the following link.

So along with this Internal Recharge, I learned a few things. Things that might not be important to anybody else but me. So what better thing to do than force it on my one or two readers? Here goes.

Learned thing one:

All the world would be a happier place if we all danced on bubble wrap.

My youngest daughter taught me that. Or maybe she reminded me. Either way we danced to our heart’s content on a floor strewn with wrapped bubbles.

Learned thing two:

All the world does NOT include my dog.

This shouldn’t have surprised my as much as it did. Every year around New Year’s and Independence Day, my retardedly happy and over-sized black lab freaks out at the bang, pop, boom of firecrackers, roman candles, and snap caps. I now know this also includes the innocent crackle of bubble wrap.


The poor girl starts panting as if she’d just come inside from running through the park and attempts to fling herself into my lap. Now I need to convince the kids that this isn’t a funny thing to do to the dog. Not at all like feeding her peanut butter.

So add some enjoyment into your life by dancing on some bubble wrap. Just make sure your dog is okay with it first.


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