Mood Music

EarbudsSometimes while people watching, I catch people bobbing along to a tune. Earbuds lodged in place, there’s no way of telling what they’re listening to. So I try to guess.

First instincts go straight to stereotypes. Teeny boppers and top 40. Punk, rock, or heavy metal depending on the severity of tattoos and piercings.The level of hardcore rap gauged by the droopiness of their pants.

Then I thought back on my youth and what I looked like compared to what I listened to. I looked like a band geek (probably because I was). One might guess me to be on the Academic Decathlon (they’d be right). But what was in my Walkman? Rock and heavy metal (well, what was considered heavy metal at the time).

Back to people watching. It’s more fun to brake past stereotypes. That guy with the two foot mohawk? A Disney Princess soundtrack. That lady in the smart pant suit? Thrash metal. That gaggle of grandmas power walking? Snoop Dog. Yes, much better.

Now a days I listen to tunes that cause spontaneous toe tapping. Things that bring smiles and not glowers to my mug. This is my current go-to playlist:


It’s an evolving list. As I get tired of a song I’ll delete it, and add new ones as I find them.

I’m also a fan of Ska/Punk. In particular, I love a good Ska/Punk cover tune. And whadda ya know, Spotify already had an extensive playlist for me. Check it out:


That’s just a taste of the playlists I have saved. I have playlists to pull me from from a gloomy mood. I have playlists to put me in mind of a character I’m about to write. Playlists to wake up to, and playlist to laugh at. They’re so much easier to make than a mixed tape. Twenty points to those who get that and how hard they were to make.

Do you have a playlist? Share them in the comments. The less stereotypical, the better.


3 thoughts on “Mood Music

  1. That’s how I make playlists as well! Sometimes, even more specific. Playlists that help me recall certain feelings, that help me write a specific genre, that help me study. Nice to know I’m not alone. Nice post! 🙂

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