The List

[Updated 11*01*14]

I know it’s more than two months away, but I’ve already been working on my list. You know the one. I used to make it to Santa, but since have been forwarding it on to his helpers.

Now it could be called tacky of me to even have one of these, let alone share it with others. Well, if I’m going to be tacky, why don’t I do it in style. Instead of printing it out and hand delivering it to the ones who might actually appreciate the info, I’m going to post it here for the whole world to see. I’ll even throw in some handy links so you can see the things I’m wishing for.


If anything it will offer an insight into who I am through the things that I want. All of these things are wants, by the way. In no way will I die without any of them or throw a fit when all the wrapping is wadded in clumps, scattered around the tree, and me sitting there with a new pair of pants. I probably needed those pants.

Regardless, I copy my list here for your viewing pleasure:

Xmas 2014 Wish List

Munchkin games (I’m extremely obsessed with this game right now)cover3d_lg

Books! (Strangely there are only comic books here this time.)

Bluetooth Speaker

Black or blue preferred, but not picky.

Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 makes some good ones like this and this.

Gift Certificates for:

  • Shoes (Probably the only thing on here that could be considered a need.)
  • Wrist watch


  • Guardians of the Galaxy

Tee Shirts (all size Large)

As always, this list is liable to change without notice so feel free to check back often.

*Better more insightful posts will resume shortly. I promise.


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