The Bio

So, what to tell.

I’m just a normal guy. “Just” meaning I believe most times I’m the only person alive who thinks the way I do on any given subject at any given time. And by “normal” I really mean as normal as anyone can expected to be that writes about the end of the world through excessive tootsie roll pop licking and profitable ogre enterprises. However, I can guarantee that when I say “guy”, I truly do mean guy.

My goal in life is to be an author. Plain and simple. Well, let’s add profitable to that. I hope to one day support my family on the numerous works of fiction I create. While we’re at it, let me also throw in well liked. It doesn’t matter how many books I publish if nobody cares for me, right? Might as well toss timeless into the mix, too. It would be grand to have such a wonderful legacy to leave behind. So like I said, plain and simple. I want to be a profitable, loved, and timeless author.


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